Women’s Substance Use Matters: An Equity Driven Table Dialogue

“Women’s Substance Use Matters: An Equity Driven Table Dialogue”  taking place on March 21st, from 9 am to 1PM  Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) .  

This event aims to convene and make space for dialogue and sharing on improving access and services for women experiencing substance use, providing a platform for open discussions and insightful conversations. Through a panel discussion and round-table engagements, we will explore and engage in dialogue on the various aspects of women’s experiences with substance use, with a lens toward equity and inclusion of women who are racialized and/or LGBTQ2+ in light of the current gaps in services. The key aims of the day are to foster engagement, sharing, collaboration, networking and forging relationships and potential partnerships. This is a free event and lunch will be provided.  We welcome Persons with living/lived Expertise of Substance Use and Family/Caregiver Experience Experts. Please feel free to share with anyone who you may think would like to attend.

Contact :

Rosanra (Rosie) Yoon, PhD, NP-Adult
416-979-5000, ext. 557972